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New Blog Project Ideas?

My 365 Poetry Project is over and the blog now has a new name, as you may have noticed. I’ve compiled links to all the original 365 poems, in order, for easy access. You can now click on the 365 Poetry Project link on the top menu to see the whole list and find “y’know, that one about sunflowers she wrote around January.” I find it especially useful because even I don’t remember which is which sometimes!

I’m stifling my post-partum depression about the end of the project with my So You Want to Publish a Book? series of informational blogs about the self-publishing process. (Hopefully they’re proving helpful to you!) But I’m the kind of person who never needs much of a break and is always looking for the next big challenge. (Seriously, I take 10-minute lunch breaks and 1-day vacations.)

I’m debating between a few ideas here and there, but nothing seems to quite meet the challenge of the poetry project. And there’s the added challenge of, no offense, the short attention span of readers. One of the reasons I think the poetry project worked so well was that they were small chunks of writing that didn’t involve a huge time investment from readers.

But I’m anxious to stretch my prose muscles again… How would you feel about reading The 365 Flash Fiction Project? Any takers?

Comment below if you’ve got a better idea, wise guy.

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candy pizza

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21 thoughts on “New Blog Project Ideas?

  1. It’d be cool if perhaps you tried different styles of poetry. From researching and sharing what you find interesting to perhaps even intentionally mixing it up. Play with the style, play with the rhythm.

    • There’s a poem by Charles Bukowski that I live by:


      I’m not a big fan of pre-determined forms of poetry; I think attempting to fit a mold destroys the creativity. But you’ll find that throughout my poetry project I covered, played with, and mangled a broad range of styles, rhythms, themes, etc.

      But I’m gonna be off poetry for a while. I wanna show you guys what else I can do 🙂

  2. I definitely think you should do at least some sort of flash project, though if you wanted to do a schedule (2-3 flash pieces on certain days, and other forms on the others, with a new piece every day) you could better test the waters and see if that was really something you wanted to do. And, well, you inspired me to start my own flash project, though I don’t plan on posting many… this time, with me, it’s personal.

    I’ve only seen a little of your fiction, but I’ve seen enough to know I want to see more. Simillarly, back when we met, three (THREE???) years ago, you only showed me a few poems, but that was enough to make me want to see more. And now look what you’ve done with it…

    • Then you of all people should be fully aware that I’m after a continuously bigger prize. Some namby-pamby “two or three times a week” project is not going to cut it. Testing the waters? You know me better than that! 😉

  3. Awe, you should keep writing poetry while still writing something else like flash fiction. I’m trying to do the split in my own way now. It has its tough days where the muse is quiet, but eventually something pours out that I like.

  4. I belong to a google+ group #flashfiction500 which will be back from vacation in a week or two and also writing drabbles for albanlake.com Flash is great fun and can be challenging – twabbles = 100 characters
    drabbles = 100 words and flash depends – good luck with what ever you choose.

  5. If somebody else also committed to it, I would consider doing 3words over the full 365 days.

    This could be 365 individual moments/drabbles, 52 x 700 word flash fiction, 12 x 3000 word short stories, or 1 x 36500 novel/novella.

    I would want somebody else playing along, though, because even the monthlies (or 7 day’ers) can get lonely. But SO much fun with others.

    Just a thought.

    Whatever you do, I hope you have fun, and I wish you the very best of luck.

  6. I think flash fiction would be a great idea!

    If you’re worried about the attention span of readers and you want to write longer passages of prose, you can always publish a few paragraphs a day which will add up to a short story every one or two weeks. That way, the workload won’t be too overwhelming either.

    Whatever you decide to do for your next project, I wish you the best of luck and I can’t wait to read it! I hope you keep on writing poetry on the side too.

    • I did pan prompts but never flash fiction. I wouldn’t- flash is one of my favorite forms. Prompts are used by beginning writers who need a jump start on creativity, but rest assured that, be it poetry or flash fiction or anything else, my ideas are wholly my own without the aid of prompts.

      I’m glad you enjoy my humor 🙂

      • I disagree on prompts being someone else’s idea. A word to kick start ya isn’t someone inflicting their ideas on your own work. I would bet you it is impossible to pick out which of my 365 are prompt motivated and which are wholly off the top of my head. I couldn’t and I wrote the fuckers. I suppose I remembered wrong on the anti-flash. One a week is child’s play tho. I did one a day when I was most active. My boy Mr. Crap does one a day and records them over at oneadayuntilthedayidie.com. He has a great weekly challenge as well. Of course, the unifying theme every week is a prompt word, so I guess you wouldn’t be into that :-).

      • To each their own. I just don’t like working within the boundaries of a “kick-start” that someone else has provided. But if you need that, by all means. It’s really disheartening that you can’t tell which of your poems were prompted and which came from your own head. Keep working on it- practice makes perfect! 🙂

        I was on the fence about the new project because I whole-heartedly could’ve and would’ve committed to one flash story per day. I could’ve kept on writing poems through the thousands as well. But I have other projects that need their equal share of my attention, including the writing classes that I teach and my next book. I don’t think any of my readers would begrudge me taking some time to breathe; I’ve proven my dedication and will continue to do so with quality work, however long or short amount of time it takes.

  7. Not knowing which is which has nothing to do with practice and everything to do with there not being a difference. I’ve written at least a thousand poems in the last five years. The memory is a sieve and I just don’t look at them like that. A poem is worth itself and nothing more no matter how it was inspired.

    I used to teach flash and poetry and writing but real life events and influences caused me to desperately need a break. Now that my room is once again a library and I have taken care of my health, I am sure I will get back to it again. Past the first of the year, but I love flash, maybe I will do 365 over at my blog. It’s around a proper anniversary for such a thing anyway, so I won’t get all upset I’m not starting the first of the year.

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