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Day 115 – The Baker

It used to be I could
pluck an apple from my garden:
any one
from any tree
would do

And it used to be I could
bake you a pie from that apple:
right quick
no questions
easy doing

But I’m finding lately
I don’t have as many apples
I can’t bake a pie as quick
as I once did

And I often find myself
ignoring the few apples I’ve got
wondering why they ever meant
so much

I know no one is waiting
on my pies anymore;
they’re starting to hurt
just to give

but what is a baker
who’s not baking
what is a voice
who doesn’t speak
what am I anymore

if not this?


2 thoughts on “Day 115 – The Baker

  1. It’s interesting. as you get older, your writing takes a different turn. Sometimes deeper. Sometimes tinged with life’s disappointments. I don’t know… just really liking what you have written. thank you.

    • I’m getting OLD 😉
      I do feel much different than when I started. I used to have so many passionate, almost violent emotions. Tons to dig through and write about.
      It’s funny now- I’ve written for so long that my emotional processing can be done so quickly in my head. Any strong emotion is swiftly taken care of so I don’t feel the need to write as much.
      I don’t know how much sense that makes.

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