Day 1 – Timidly

Timidly I step into
those old shoes,
they might still fit

The shores I walked
the streets I ran
in color, the flashbacks hit

This is the place I’ve been stuck before
all the places I took them off
and cried

But where I have to go
I am not going alone
this time

Gingerly my fingers touch
that old paintbrush
I might still know how to use

I still see in every canvas
the grieving monsters
I let loose

These are the reasons I fear to paint
all the dark in my heart
allowed to escape

But as one hand timidly paints
the other is warmly held
this time

These voices are with me now
telling me I deserve to be here, too
so maybe I can walk again,
maybe I will paint
but timidly

6 thoughts on “Day 1 – Timidly

    1. Thank you, Darrel! Glad to see you’re still kicking around here too! P.S. Just got your book in the mail 👍🏻 Great work!

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