Day 5 – In Egypt

In Egypt, you’ll remember, we once spent 11 hours
on a quest to rid ourselves of evil jewelry
In Tokyo we exited the bus at the wrong stop
and soldiered on to find our treasure on a freezing, foreign map
In Cuba we searched far to look for bona fide cigars,
In Key West we found all 57 of Mr. Hemingway’s cats

Much musing I could do about the things we have pursued, and yet
the cache is not the thing I have prized

In Egypt, I remember, we once had only 10 minutes
and you stood in line for popcorn so that I could use the loo
In Tokyo we judged we should not get back on the bus
and you wrapped me in your scarf while you analyzed the map
In Cuba I dozed in the heat while you procured a fan,
In Key West you bought me a bookmark while I scouted that last cat

Such reliving I could do of all the journeys we’ve been through, and yet
the things I treasure best when I lay down my head to rest
are memories of your unfailing care

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