Day 6 – Christine Collins

What else could a good woman be expected to do
when presented a child in need?
The LAPD smiled as the press took photos,
a happy reunion indeed.
But you knew he was not your son.

They had other important matters to attend,
gaslighting worried mothers just a part of the trade.
1928 was not kind to good women
and they made you play your part in that strange charade.
But you knew he was not your son.

How many nights did you feed and bathe that child,
try to see what they insisted, tucking in a little squatter?
The LAPD wrapped it up and closed your case
while your real son was being slaughtered.
But you never stopped looking for him.

You had the audacity to keep asking questions
and for that they declared you disruptive, insane.
But those who believed you tore open the cause
so your fight for your child would not be in vain.
But in 36 years you never found your son.

Mrs. Collins, I hope you’ve found him now,
your example set in history.
Though I hope to never know what you went through,
every child deserves a fighting mother like you.

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