Day 10 – Trailers

We lived in trailers, yours was
right across the street from mine
We’d play out on the street and
sit on logs in your front lawn
We both had parents who were
stingy, mean, and angry then
’cause poverty had done its work
and ground them to the bone
They said that trailers were for
living, not for playing so I
only saw you outside in the
cul-de-sac after school
Our moms would holler out the
front door if we didn’t make it
back inside for homework
before the streetlights came on

And I know they beat you
they beat me too

Because trailers were for grounding,
spanking, standing in the corner
not for playing, not for praying
that you both would make it out
And when I made it out I thought
of you, I hoped that you had
made it too, you went to high school
somewhere far, I don’t know where you are
but I think you deserved
far more than what you got.

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