Day 24 – They

They say
your conscience is a still, small voice inside
that whispers the right things to do

I asked
who is whispering these things in my head
that are scary and don’t always make sense

They said
it was the holy spirit and that it only spoke
the truth, and I needed to listen harder

They said
I needed to listen when it spoke the things
they read in their little books, but then

I said
it was whispering that some of this seemed
suspicious, didn’t always make sense and

They said
sometimes it was whispers from the devil
and I didn’t need to listen to those but

They never said anything
about mental health, just kept saying to pray
and keep reading that book

They never thought anything
was alarming about having the devil whispering
in your ear until

I said
there was no devil, there was no holy spirit
their little book was just a book and then

They said
I was lost with no more hope, that the
devil had finally got me but

I don’t hear any voices now
except my own

and it makes sense
to me

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