Day 21 – Ideas

she said where do u get ur ideas for
poems is it hard to keep thinking of
new ideas every day i said that i can
look at a bottle of ketchup and write
about that and she was amazed but
i said haha just kiddin i wouldn’t do
that it was not the truth though ‘cuz
i would do that if i could but i know
i can’t it would be cliche it would be
trying too hard to make some kinda
statement about everyday items so i
instead made a rectangle-shaped poem

damn it.

Day 20 – Human Enough

There are many things human enough
to be felt by us all without words
and many of those that should

for words take the metaphysical things
and rip them up from deep places
and bring them here
just a flower, just love, just death
and leave them, consumed
a landfill of common nouns taking space
on your dresser,
bought to relieve the great unknowing,
help us to feel like we’re one step closer
when all we’ve ever done
is add to the pile

I’m doing it now, I know.
There is nothing so human than speaking
when silence would be enough.

Day 18 – Your Death

I’ve been edging on the side of morose today,
thinking about your death.
It hasn’t happened yet but it will and I think
I need to remember that.

I’m not sure why we’ve all been shushed this way,
from talking about our deaths.
It could happen any time and it will and I think
we all need to remember that.

Day 13 – A Sackful of Rocks

Every time I remembered your face,
I picked up a rock.

I have been waiting for the longest time,
carrying a sackful of rocks,
in hopes that someday I’ll find you
up against a wall
and I’ll find use for them at last.

But the bag was getting so heavy
since I remembered you a lot
and finally I knew that it was so silly
to carry anything for you.

Now every time I remember your face
I drop a seed in someone else’s yard;
I never go back to water them but
they grow tall just the same.

Day 12 – What I Told Your Kids

I told them to describe their feelings,
that I would listen.
I told them to make a list of adjectives:
angry, disappointed, overwhelmed, unsure.
I told them to decide for themselves what is
an appropriate response to losing.
I told them to use their voices to speak,
to stand for what they believe.
I told them to keep a few strategies on hand
to help them endure and heal.
I told them that I will be here to listen,
and then I went on mute.

I didn’t really tell your kids anything.
They told me their truth.