Day 90 – Blueprint

If you had known you were gonna
be somebody’s blueprint, that they
would expect the world to behave
like you long after you left for good,
would you have done any different?

If you had known you were gonna
leave for good, be long gone before
you ever did anything different,
would you have left me a blueprint
for how to expect the world to behave?

Day 89 – Kindness

I’ve heard the message so many times-
speak with kindness-
and I wish I could,
but how can you speak a language
you weren’t taught,
you never heard,
you were instructed to avoid,
you were told would make you weak?
It doesn’t help that one unkind remark
in passing, you didn’t mean to make,
erases all those times you really tried.

Day 84 – I’m Not Dead

There is a little bird which has flown
full velocity through a barbed wire fence
and for months I’ve watched his
hanging broken body slowly disappear

What does it say about him that he
could not stop flying when he saw his end
and what does it say about me that I
cannot stop thinking that he’s like me
except that I’m not dead