Day 303 – Ferris Wheel

I could stare at that Ferris Wheel for hours
like some kind of symbol, some kind of weight
pulling or holding me down, I can’t tell which

I stare it down in an endless challenge,
a conversation within myself, with the world
standing in the same spot I’ve always stood

All the memories, all the photos, all the
bathroom breaks and arguments and how many times
I’ve stood alone when I wasn’t alone, just like this

It dares me to give it any meaning, dares me to
think that one object could hold the past
to believe that after all this it could hold any more

but it lives in me, I’m the only place where it grows
I’m the one who decides if it dies, and the Ferris Wheel
will be here when I do

2 thoughts on “Day 303 – Ferris Wheel

  1. This is amazing!!! I like the way you use smaller details, drawing attention to them to show they are important, and the way you tie everything together at the end – its really impactful. But, that was just my take 🙂

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