Day 306 – Small

It’s very frustrating being very small
when you feel you’ve never been small at all
when you’ve always had to fight to be heard
so you learned to fight with bigger words
but they still always call you a kid
discounting all that fighting you did
you’re just a Who down in Whoville shouting
to all these grownups, doubting, doubting
that you really have a mind of your own
they won’t listen to you until you’ve grown
and no matter how many points you’re proving
the measuring stick just keeps on moving
you’ll never be tall enough for the big one
play games but they’ll never let you win one
you make mistakes the same as they
but yours are proof you should obey
you’re almost starting to agree
it’d be easier to bend the knee—
my love, you should be running this town
don’t let the bastards grind you down
if stature truly reflected worth
you were taller than the trees since birth

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