Day 338 – Porcelain Blush

porcelain blush
applied with a heavy hand
i say things
even i don’t understand
i’m talking
steely dan with all the old geezers
surrounding me
at the bar alone
young people
do as young people believe
i feel so wise
until my mouth breaks free
i’m still an idiot
for all to see
don’t wanna go home so i
act like me
if i was ok
walk home, i’m freezing
make rhymes at the stoplight
i am the reason
he was correct
in his asshole assessment
the truth still hurts
though i force it down
with a bunch of prosecco
i know so much and
i still know nothing
making porcelain blush
but it’s burping, bluffing
darkly i think
what a fucking fitting end
if i don’t make it home
tell all my friends
she left here
doing what she did best
screaming into the sky
for help in jest

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