no more money lunches
plus-one on a yacht
full of nobody good
stuffed shirts and big mouths
i never wanted any part
of the truffle oil world
it was nice i guess
for a bit of change
but i never saw any
pass to empty hands
i saw big live lobster tails
get cracked
over minimal tips
nothing meant anything
when we had enough
to waste

You Will Feel Safe Again Soon

Look back on these times when you get there
and you will, honey–
you will feel safe again soon

Remember these moments and those from
before you knew
you would feel safe someday, too

you’re used to letting go of
what’s not meant for you
but oh, what about when it is?

you’re not used to sitting with
all the things that you fear
but oh, what if this time you did?

Hold on to that hand reaching out
in the dark, don’t let go–
soon the light will break through

and you will understand
why it took so long, and then
you will feel safe again soon

Your Heart is a Language

Your heart is a language
I’ve always known how to speak–
words are our playthings
but we really talk in beats–

I know your rhythms
I’ve followed them for so long
I hear your reasons
pounding in your chest

You owe no explanations–
I trusted you first
before you were mine
and some things won’t change

There’s an art to letting go
and I’ve learned it well
you can only add,
not subtract

and I know you need to fly far
but you always come back