Love Like Fruit

all i ever saw was love like fruit
with a finite shelf-life, extended by two
if you wrap it in plastic and post it online
in the facebook fridge, on the instagram shrine
all i saw was everyone sucking at the rind
squeezing out the juice that would sour with time
frantically looking around just to see
whose love was ripening naturally
and whose was starting to rot and decay
can we put it in a smoothie to last another day?
can we cut it up in chunks and feed it to the baby?
should we wait a few weeks to tell everyone, maybe?
all i saw was a definite end
and a press-tour of covering it up until then
pretending it wasn’t just for sustenance,
biological laws that don’t make sense
like when we put barren cores deep in the soil
and we say that new trees make up for the toil
but why make a show of digestion if that’s true
all i saw was people eating each other like fruit


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