Day 125 – Cereal Bowl

I never feel love quite more
than when I come home to find
the cereal I bought for you yesterday
your bowl and spoon in the sink
and you gone
out into the world
with a full happy belly.


Day 124 – Changes

a great man once said to
turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes
so that’s what I’m doing
that’s all I’m doing

nothing that changes is ever lost
so I can keep it all
and let it go
imagine you
are out there changing too

Day 123 – I’m Ten

I ride in a yellow monster’s mouth
with gum under my feet
I carry books like an ant with a piece of fruit

I can write with any pencil
no matter how small a nub
I can tell you what’s a rhombus and what’s not

I understand what you mean
when you spell out D-E-N-T-I-S-T
I know when you’ve been crying and when you lie

I know what an active shooter is
but they won’t mess with me
I’m ten and I’m fierce and smart and fancy-free

Day 120 – Breakfast

We are getting breakfast tomorrow,
said you had to tell me something
I said I’m always hungry

We are getting breakfast early
on our day off, like we used to do
haven’t seen you around much
we’ve both been busy

I thought about pancakes at first
when you came in and
wrote your name on my calendar
I thought about changing the
radio station in your car

But something in your face said
this might be our last breakfast
I shouldn’t be thinking so hard
about food
I shouldn’t be staring so hard
at this plate
I should’ve been listening
every breakfast before…

I’ll let you get the tab this time

Just once.

Day 119 – Honey I Never Knew

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool-
you see,
it isn’t smart to let
somebody else
be in charge
of your livery

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool-
you see,
it isn’t wise to let
your guard be down
around someone
like me

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool
for me-
but now that I know
let’s give it a go-
all kinds of