Day 100 – Waterloo Sunset

I’m in the in-between, that space
in the middle of life and sleep,
when the mind is a dog let off the leash
and reality blurs its lines
but I’m finally speaking truth.
It takes all day, my every day,
until those final seconds
when the words come back,
each night something else
I should’ve said, some piece
I never gave to you.
But they’re better kept there in the dark,
in your endless Waterloo Sunset-
in the morning they dissolve and
I could never trust my tongue.

Day 98 – Never, Don’t, and Too

I was told that I was small
and too smart for my size
and too bold for someone
who really wasn’t
that smart.

I was taught that asking questions
was disrespectful,
but that answering for myself was
out of bounds.

I was expected to know all the answers
and to admit that I knew none,
to be grown far past my age
but never act it,
never question,
never make mistakes and
NEVER ask why.

And now I am much older and
I’m asked to let it go,
ignore everything that I was
taught to be.

But I keep asking about which parts
I should reject, how can I change
when I’m made up of only never,
don’t, and too.

Day 97 – Tools

There are so many tools available
to help us get what we want, yet…
maybe the tools don’t work
maybe we just don’t want it enough
maybe there’s plenty to blame but never
the system that started us wanting,
the system that required a mother’s name
on the dotted line of our birth certificates,
on the dotted line of the receipt
of all these problems