Day 142 – The World Loves A Beautiful Arsonist

I was born buried deep in the snow
I was born gripped tightly in chains
I learned to build raging fires
but the sting of the iron remains

The world loves a beautiful arsonist
The world loves a singer of flames
It celebrates those who can set it ablaze but
It notices nothing of chains


Day 33 – Those Nights

They said
there would be nights
like this

boy how

but they never said
those nights
would be so
goddamn beautiful

nights that are
a large tub of chili mac
and a Joe Rogan comedy special

after such a day,
you don’t even need
to wear pants
to win

they never said
those nights
would be all you have
for the rest
of your
colonized life

they never said
those nights
are the only glimpse
of heaven
you’ll ever get

Day 211 – A Gutter To Lie In, To Laugh While I’m Dyin’

Oh for a hole when it gets monstrous like this,
allow me to melt away,
to forward my existence
to less unsettling times
and in shadow revel in this joke-
that life should never be so kind!

For all I would wish to disappear,
but more that I’d yearn to unleash
this torrent of bubbling hysterics
to find in that way a better end-

a gutter to lie in,
to laugh while I’m dyin’,
to see it for what it is-

oh beautiful hell,
I had forgotten.