Day 57 – Kindle

To wait for the spirit to strike
is to wait for the match to kindle
by the time the spirit has struck
it’s already begun to dwindle

When the players hear the bell
they must be ready to play
and so must a poet practice
despite having nothing to say


Day 52 – There’s Work For Us To Do

There’s work for us to do but we cannot do it
for we let the world dig in its little hooks
so many times we’ve tried and could not get to it
and time and time again we’ve closed our books

Well when will we finally stop the merry-go-round,
this searching for a place to lay the blame?
At any time the final bell could sound-
how do we have such time to play this game?

There is no winner here, only weapons dropped-
eyes to turn upon more pressing things-
the wiser choice to see the fighting stopped
than to carry on this war of bitter kings.

Day 18 – Mormons

Maybe I shouldn’t have said all that
about the magic underwear
and the magic gold tablets

and maybe I shouldn’t have laughed
when you said they
“ascended back into the heavens.”

I probably shouldn’t have asked
if you got here
on a bike.

I didn’t have to take your book
but I knew it meant
someone else
wouldn’t read it.

I’m sorry your beliefs are
foreign and hilarious to me
since I claim to be so tolerant

but you rang my bell
and you asked for it.