Day 110 – Kitty Tries

She is sticking her paw
into a glass lamp
trying to catch a fly.

She is going to
burn her paw
but I have to let her try.


Day 97 – Phoenix Times

these are phoenix times, young friends,
the burning of the wilds-
when we make the rules with our fingers
tracing through the ashes
of what they tried to hold

we are rising

enflamed with the questions,
forsaking the answers
we were taught
we were fed
we were brutalized by

and there is no failure for us,
there is no dousing the fires we are lighting
for we do not walk the safe paths as directed,
we do not follow those blinding lights

we are a new resolution
men and women ungoverned;

we were born into this world
and we’re burning it down

Day 58 – The Castle

There is no cure
for a pile of ashes
no putting back together
the plane that crashes

There is no use
in revisiting the grave
no power of recollection
that could save

But we do have the means
of preservation
a way to steel our minds
from devastation

Yes, the castle burned
as we always knew it would
but ah- do you remember
when it stood?