Day 129 – Patient

You’ve been holding on
and they’ve been holding out

They won’t tell us
how far you’ve gone

Days and days of
holding our breath

but they don’t feel
what we felt

when you opened your eyes

they don’t know
what we knew

that you wouldn’t give up
so easy


Day 114 – Fruitfully

I cannot apologize for my childhood,
for I wasn’t always there.
In all these hundreds of days
I’ve never gone back.

The way we learn to be
is not
the way we’d ever choose

and so

I was
a wrecked flower
from the start.

I cannot apologize for the pathways
stealthily formed
in fragile matter
or the horrors I kept in
by spreading out

I only know for sure

the way we try to love
is not
a thing we can control

and so,

fruitfully or not,
I tried.

Day 51 – Gunslingers

there were some days
when you tapped a vein
and i knew
you had me beat
without a doubt

there’d be nothing to fight about
if that wasn’t the case

there are some days
when i still open a book
and find you
in folded papers
and i know

i’ve got one hell of a rival
still out there

Year 2: Day 141 – The Variety of Tuesday

A Bible study, a book release,
a birthday.
A movie date, a staff lunch,
a sick day.

Oh, the variety of Tuesday,
day of weeks,
of many years-
placeholder in the mire
of the stuff we do.

A bridal shower, a happy hour,
a college graduation.
A day for lounging wedged in with
two months of summer vacation.

Oh, the variety of Tuesday,
day of weeks,
of all our years-
how limitless is the medley
of the stuff we do.

Day 314 – These Bubbling Days

Like clover in the pond water,
there’s a tangible essence
I sense in these bubbling days.

These days that drive me mad
with foresight, that hiss and brew
so splendidly on schedule.

They’re teeming with what’s to come,
they’re frothing with the hope of me,
they’re giggling and trembling in fear
for tomorrow.

The ships will be here in the morning,
the train at the station at noon,
and some kind of new-fangled flying machine
may just as well take me after that.

These bubbling days are ready for me,
churning impatience while nights make their rounds,
boiling fiasco to be eaten up
after fasting has had its fill.

Day 291 – These Are The Days

These are the days of peace
when there’s been much won,
but many a hard day’s work left to enjoy.

These are the days of balance
when we can temper our tedious tanning
with our brainstorming notebooks held high
to keep the sun out of our eyes.

These are the days when ambition is nursed
over tea and talk of dreams,
over yoga in the park
and frozen yogurt.

These are the days we longed for
when we had nowhere to go
and such little precious time
to finally get there.

Here is where we wanted to be,
the days we seek to secure more of;
these are the days we’ll miss
when they are gone.

Day 274 – So Many Days

Here have I lingered
for so many days,
so many days of blight.

Here have I blundered
in confusion and doubt
for so many starless nights.

Here have I toiled
through famine and war,
marched on in the wake of despair.

Here would I have faded,
desert winds dried my bones,
and deserved of that fate,

Were it not for He who followed
for so many days,
so many days without end,

Who relentlessly called me
and waited for me
for so many days without end.