Day 102 – Endless Gravity

I’d be gliding past the stars
I’d be racing with the meteors
if it weren’t for all this
endless gravity

I’d have grown up by now
I’d have built a rocket ship
if not for all this
endless gravity

I swear I would’ve left,
all engines firing;
I would’ve flown away
long ago.
I would’ve been a seasoned
space traveler by now
if not for all this
endless gravity.


Year 2: Day 9 – Engine Trouble

There are many things
that can be wrong
with your engine-
most of them
too hard
to explain.

There can be
screws loose,
you can have
worn-down parts,
maybe something just
snapped, or
you’ve got muck
building up
in the wrong places.

Unless you’re a mechanic,
it doesn’t matter.
It’ll suffice to say
something’s wrong.

Unless you’re going to fix it,
it doesn’t matter how-
all that matters is
it’s broke.

And even that doesn’t matter
so much,
that you’ve got
engine trouble, because
who doesn’t, right?


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