Day 129 – Patient

You’ve been holding on
and they’ve been holding out

They won’t tell us
how far you’ve gone

Days and days of
holding our breath

but they don’t feel
what we felt

when you opened your eyes

they don’t know
what we knew

that you wouldn’t give up
so easy


Day 88 – She

I saw her eyes
but she could not speak-
a miracle
wasting time

they welled with things
I couldn’t understand,
maybe now,
but not back then

I needed her to sing,
needed her to validate
my guitar,
needed her to be
what I was missing
in a song

but she was silent,
holding back

and I knew soon
she would be gone

Day 78 – Fascination

is a dangerous game
with no remorse-
the mind is a child
among shiny baubles,

Careful to keep
your eyes
in your lane
and don’t go
in the past

for you will always find
what you seek there,
shiny toys and
shiny ghosts.