Day 93 – Deformity

I’ve always had the feeling
I am destined for deformity
I’m just waiting
for a tragic accident-
you don’t usually see it coming
but I want to be ready
so I can’t say life is unfair
for doing such a thing
without warning.


Day 84 – Where the Cattails Grow

Where will you be tomorrow
if the feeling finds you out,
discovers you’ve been on the run
for too long?

Will you be running back
to where the cattails grow,
to the falling snow,
to your quietest moments
wrapped up and
thrown into the sea?

Will you give my best
when you get there,
to the places I can’t go;

will you be there tomorrow
where the cattails grow?

Year 2: Day 27 – It Starts With An Isolated Feeling

They ask how I do it,
day after day,
but I don’t think they want to know,
or I don’t really want to tell them,
because then both of us would see
that’s it not that hard.

It starts with an isolated feeling.

Every me and they,
all our blood and every day
we have feelings,
and I need to write them down.

Kids can do it.

It starts with an isolated feeling,
and then
you tell why
and how
with good grammar.

All anyone needs to know
is that you feel
what they feel.
And with feelings,
all you need to start
is one.

And with humans,
you always have more
than one.


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