Day 86 – If It’s A Fire

If it’s a fire
it’s a slow-burning flame-
it has to burn long
to be enough

If it’s a muscle
it’s a well-oiled machine-
it has to endure
to matter

And if you want
to make a difference
the road is going
to be long


Day 38 – The Treetops Were Listening

The treetops were listening
that night when you promised
you were finally getting out
of Dodge

The day the small crack
in your heart
split open
and you bellowed-
the stars heard then, too

Every long night
when you argued with yourself
down long empty streets
with the windows rolled down,
the cosmos
and everything in it
turned ear
and took note
of the fire in your soul

You stare at blank pages now,
you think it’s lost-
the passion you had,
the importance you felt-
but through every moment
of struggle and doubt

the universe waits for you

Day 14 – Waking Up Early For School

After thirteen years
and four more
there was no escape from school
for me.

I walked right back into that fire.

It has its perks but
I’ll never get used to knowing
I’ll be waking up early for school
for the rest of my life.

At least
there’ll always be
to teach me.

Year 2: Day 1 – I’ll Start A Fire

I’ll start a fire in this little place
to match the one in my head
and keep me warm

and when the yearning pounds me out
I’ll let it loose
and set it far.

I’ll start a fire in this huddled town
to search for similar flames
to keep me warm

and when the ashes yield no fruit
I’ll stoke it on,
I’ll force it out.

I’ll spread the fire, I’ll burn down the world
to find through the smoke
a match like the one
in my head.

I’ll burn through the world
to find the arsonists
with the power to keep us warm

and when we’ve set the world ablaze
I’ll burn
all by myself.


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Day 328 – The Fire Is Going Out

You said to write with fire
but the fire is going out
and will you blame me
when I’ve nothing left to say?

I have learned to walk alone
and I have burned as great a flame
as any mortal’d ever dared
to set loose.

I have given of myself,
my secret treasures to the world,
but I am tired and can no more
find the strength.

You who were my friend could say
that I should carry on,
but what are words coming from
an empty seat?

You who disappeared and took
all kindredness with you,
left me forging on ahead
and wondering why-

why should I continue on,
when I’m the only one?
Why should I not take my dues
and settle down?

How long must I keep at it
while the mentor who believed
has gone away, has found
another song to sing?

While the fire wanes, I hear the voice
which long ago helped it light,
reminding me that I never write
in vain.

And oh, but that were true,
or that you’d blame me in the least,
even notice when at last the fire
goes out.