Day 103 – Time to Be

I don’t notice the mountains anymore
though they’re right in front of me-

driving to work straight facing a miracle of nature.

I hear sounds but I don’t care
where they’re coming from,
I have time off but I don’t feel
much relaxed.

There are Christmas flowers, scarlet and white,
all dead in the window, still

and I wonder when it happened
that I stopped having time
to be.


Day 36 – The Difference

If you were ten
I’d be six;
if you were starting school
I’d be a baby,
if I was starting college
you’d be leaving it
and we’d have never met.

If you ask me,
it’s pretty lucky
that you were 29 drinking coffee
and I was 25 drinking tea;
that I wasn’t looking for a man like you
and you weren’t looking for me.

The difference was only
a teapot ready to boil-
two flowers ripe
to reach towards the sun,
the past laying ground
for one moment
when everything
was ready.

And the difference
doesn’t matter now,
we’re both 4 and 12 and 21,
reliving every stage again

My John Cena Shirt

I wear my John Cena shirt
oh ho hey oh
I got a family to feed

I dig in the mines
and the gym
oh ho hey oh
I got a dream to buy

I vote for the president
oh ho ho hey oh
I got an axe to grind

I write my poems with sweat
at the discount store
oh ho
I’m the weekend kind

And I don’t waste time on flowers
I don’t eat cake
oh ho ho
I’m ok

Jerky in the bunker
I’m good ’til the world falls down
oh ho ho
I’m ok

I always kick out at two
and good always wins
oh ho ho
oh ho ho

I’ll never give up
oh ho oh ho ho ho
oh ho
oh ho ho ho

Year 2: Day 76 – I Promise

I promise I’m not always filled
with a lot of lie-down-and-die;
there are so many chrysanthemums
still alive at the plaza
because of me,
because of what I didn’t do.

I promise I’m not always
chasing rainbows,
that I do indeed pick dandelions
at the plaza
and they die.

And I promise I’m not always
at the plaza, either-
a lot of the time I’m buried deep
thinking about destroying and saying sorry,
but not all the time even doing that.

I promise I’m not ever lying
when I say two things that
couldn’t possibly both be true-
I promise I have never lied to you.

Day 361 – Me And Chuck And Flowers

The truth is it’s just me and Chuck,
it’s always been me and Chuck-

just two dirty monsters
in a dead-end race,
somehow flowers
showering down.

Why on this planet
would people throw flowers,
and why for a couple of

I guess being nice
gets you pretty far;
I’m alright with that now,
I got over it.

But I still think, somehow,
down the end of the road,
none of that stuff matters,
not flowers.