Day 112 – We Can Read

Our playthings aren’t much
to play with;
instead our room’s filled
with books

but we can read
and that’s all we need

we don’t have what money can buy
but we can fly


Anabelle Bluebird

I am a man of yes’s and no’s
I am a man of x’s and o’s
I’m a man who can fly the whole world
If Anabelle Bluebird flies with me

She’s the peach without speech
She’s the dream of the cream
We can play every city all night
If my Anabelle Bluebird flies with me

I am a man of bigs and bigger
I am a man who pulls the trigger
I’m a man who’d have all his T’s crossed
If Anabelle Bluebird would fly with me

But Anabelle wants a pony
Little Miss Bluebird wants a parade
I’m gonna let her think she’s winnin’
Leavin’ me

‘Cause I am a man of straight lines
And I am a man who wastes no time
I’m a man who could search the whole world
‘Til Anabelle Bluebird dies with me

Year 2: Day 95 – White Space

On your map there is a white space where I live-
nothing but the whisper wind and the flecks of rubber
where you erased.

It’s a normal world here that you forgot,
the family’s doing fine,
our white-washed coordinates in full color
hid under the bleach blanket of your mind.

But I have not forgotten you.
You’re in airplanes all the time-
do you look down and wonder
what hurt you so much
just beneath that blank white space?

I have heard about landscapes, covered in snow
which can hide all the ugliness, all the unrest,
which can paint a more picturesque scene,
that they put on the covers of Christmas cards-

but pain uncovers a map
and life deserves more honesty than that.
Fly over my white space and know
that I remember.

Year 2: Day 66 – Fly Over Me

Fly over me four years ago,
in love without one clue
that I was dying

Fly over me and see me in my party dress
like big girls wear,
and drinking alcohol,
a house full of kids doing whip-its,
nobody I ever should’ve known,
nobody who’d remember me now

Fly over me and whisper me a backbone,
tell me I’m not fated to pretend,
and when I don’t listen
and I know I won’t,
just fly over me
and drop a match