Day 82 – Salad Cake

I thought they were pretending
on their play-doh mats
how to make such a
a salad cake

until one of them told me
her mom was on a diet
and the ranch-filled
follows me


Day 69 – Progress Reports

I am the dragon of room 106,
the executioner
handing out sentences,
sheets of trouble
I never wanted to give
and I have to tell
they earned it
and that Santa will be
so disappointed
but I’m not

Day 50 – I’m Staying in the Pool Today

I’m staying in the pool today
soaking up the last of the sun
because I know tomorrow means
the end of all my fun

I’m staying in the pool today
even after it gets dark
this may be my last chance to swim
so today I am a shark

I’m getting shriveled in the pool today
but I don’t care at all
they say that summer’s at its end
but I don’t care for fall

It’s getting pretty chilly in the pool today
my bones are frozen throughout
but I don’t care if the weekend’s done-
I’m still not getting out!

Day 39 – Curtains

I’m sorry
that the sun is in your eyes
at story time

I don’t know how
to put up

I don’t know how
to get my life

I don’t know how
to put up

Actually I measured
then bought the things
I’m reading the instructions, kids
I’ll get there
I will do it

I don’t know how
to put up

But I will