Day 128 – Nature

It’s quiet among the trees
but the birds are acting strange;

though the grown-ups whisper
the children feel the truth;

they all know
that you’re not
coming back.


Day 119 – Honey I Never Knew

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool-
you see,
it isn’t smart to let
somebody else
be in charge
of your livery

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool-
you see,
it isn’t wise to let
your guard be down
around someone
like me

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool
for me-
but now that I know
let’s give it a go-
all kinds of


Day 54 – Food Truck

Your rented smile like a box
tied up with a ribbon
your wet burrito gleaming
in the streetlight
two hours shifting from one foot
to the other
popping candy
I look at you and wonder
where you got that sweater
but not too hard

you’re a universe
I’ll never know
and I’m not sure
how I came to be
so cool with that

Day 31 – Lavender & Lemon

My 4am coffees of yesteryear,
overpriced on a brand new credit card,
sweat-ring stuck on patio furniture,
melted ice to a watery cigarette bed,
are all gone.

I should sing about 7pm lavender and lemon,
about knowing better,
I should sing about knowing-
the only thing those 4am coffees
were worth.

I know.

But that’s why

I don’t sing.

Year 2: Day 104 – Now Do You Believe?

Now do you believe
that we are never-ending,
that we can speak across the universe
in the language only we know?

When I had counted you gone
but could not feel right
without writing your name
on the first page,

and you had counted me gone
but could not feel right
without opening that book
to find your name

do you believe it’s been long enough
to prove us blood?

When I wrote though I knew
you weren’t reading,
but I couldn’t help myself

and you knew that I wasn’t
writing for you,
but you couldn’t help yourself

do you believe we are eternal,
long-lost brother, do you believe
in sibling souls, do you believe
we could’ve been found
any other way?