Day 85 – Wedding

How silly to think that
getting to the paper first
has anything to do with
how long you will keep it


how silly to think that
a paper
has anything to do with


Day 73 – Happy Living

Happy living
you Macy’s catalogs
there’s never any room
at your tables
you can’t see
out your windows
you’ve never burned a thing
and your sons come home
and you’re happy
in spite
of all that

Day 34 – Pillow Talk

You’ve been
working late nights
and I’ve been
punching early clocks

and we haven’t
been connected
for a while.

Last night

you thought
I was sleeping
and you
were right

but you
opened a window
and whispered

and something
sacred in me
heard it

and woke.

I can’t explain it,
but that’s us.

Day 27 – Coin Bank

I knew you loved me
but I also thought
you secretly hated me.

We tore each other down,
always for jokes.

Once after a fight
I bought this coin bank
shaped like a skull
and I covered it with
flowers and gems.

I wanted you to think
I was cool and fine
without you,
because I thought
you were so cool
and definitely fine
without me.

You said it was ugly
but I knew
you were a damn liar.

I said I loved it anyway,
that I didn’t care
what you thought.

And the truth is
I was a damn liar.
I never even liked it.
I just really cared
what you thought.

Love In My Sneakers

I didn’t know then that I was California-bound
except the fibers on the back of my neck
knew something was wrong
with where I was

and love didn’t make me stay.

I was levitating in the rabbit hole,
pleading for someone to choose for me
because everything I wanted
wasn’t enough;

it was love in my hands
but it was also love
in my sneakers.

And it let me go
just like I watched you go,
tired of holding my feet
to the floor.

I had love still dripping from my shoelaces,
dragged wet traces across the whole country.
I stained every sidewalk I found
with the love that I left.

But I was California-bound,
I was always heading here,
and the love that I couldn’t keep
steered me on.