Day 86 – If It’s A Fire

If it’s a fire
it’s a slow-burning flame-
it has to burn long
to be enough

If it’s a muscle
it’s a well-oiled machine-
it has to endure
to matter

And if you want
to make a difference
the road is going
to be long


Day 96 – I Never Loved A Machine

I never loved a machine that could make
a miser out of me.
I never put my trust in steel,
never wanted to endanger my human condition;
I never loved a machine.

They said that soft touches and character
would do it
but I have come to find
that machines can get you where you want to go
and humans hold you back.

I never loved a machine until
it got a hold of me,
and from its silent steely promise,
by its faithfulness, I know-
I never loved a machine
and I never loved it
so much.