Day 87 – Two Sweaters

I remember the same two sweaters-
one plum and the other maroon-
that had to last the whole winter
and how it bothered me
that my old Lion King sneakers didn’t match
and how it bothered me
to think everyone would notice.

I remember being so pleased
at being allowed to invite over a classmate
and taking her to my closet
to show her my outfits
and knowing those two purple sweaters I hated
were the best I had to show.

I remember the girl who came over;
her sneakers didn’t match, either.
I don’t know where she is
but I have so many sweaters now.


Day 57 – Kindle

To wait for the spirit to strike
is to wait for the match to kindle
by the time the spirit has struck
it’s already begun to dwindle

When the players hear the bell
they must be ready to play
and so must a poet practice
despite having nothing to say