Day 99 – Smash Tea Kettle

You had that
smash tea kettle
you were
always breaking pieces off
and handing them to me

I strung them together
those pieces
I wore your
smash tea kettle pieces
round my neck

I loved it more
than any diamond
ever saw

I kept a piece
of your smash tea kettle
in my heart
it was the sharpness
that finally

cut me loose


Day 32 – It Must Be Me

it must be me that’s crazy
must be all just in my head
every time I look around
to see if anybody sees
this madness

everyone sees everyone sees everyone sees

but nothing happens

when they get away with murder
I’ve no choice but to believe
there’s a reason
I’m simply
not seeing


Year 2: Day 159 – 49% Of Me

49% of me is eaten up-
it’s crawling with frost,
it’s bristling with ice,
it’s bracing itself to let loose the destruction
because the fortress I had
was doing its job just fine
’til it started to melt.

I didn’t care if anyone held my hand
because all it was made for
was wielding a pen
and now
that’s a ruined lie
and I want my purpose back.

I’d killed that girl who made brownies,
who measured Tylenol,
who cared about lipstick or heels,
who had any time to want,
who blew kisses through car windows.

49% of me is eaten up
that she somehow managed to survive under ice
and that some punk kid had the nerve
to warm her to life.

And 49% of me
is crawling with frost,
is bristling with ice
and ready to unleash the devastation
that 51% of me
traded for hope.

Year 2: Day 149 – If I’m Not A Daisy

If I’m not a daisy,
I’m a rat-kick fink;
I loosen my belt
and take the day off.

And if I’m not a daisy
it gets murky,
and who knows what
could come up.

And if I’m not
“I am exactly a daisy”
with two fingers up,
I don’t try.

And if nobody says
“You are a daisy”,
I need to be more of a daisy,
I’ll have to be more

because if I’m not a daisy
I’m a rot-kid pile of guts
and I don’t like that at all,
so I be a daisy.

Year 2: Day 66 – Fly Over Me

Fly over me four years ago,
in love without one clue
that I was dying

Fly over me and see me in my party dress
like big girls wear,
and drinking alcohol,
a house full of kids doing whip-its,
nobody I ever should’ve known,
nobody who’d remember me now

Fly over me and whisper me a backbone,
tell me I’m not fated to pretend,
and when I don’t listen
and I know I won’t,
just fly over me
and drop a match

Year 2: Day 26 – Get Me Started

In every way I shouldn’t bother,
nobody makes me,
and that’s a frustrating thing-
to have everything under control,
whenever you want it.

In an alternate universe,
I’d still complain,
and that’s reassuring, sure-
but wouldn’t it, wouldn’t it,
wouldn’t it be nice
for somebody to
get me started.


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Day 334 – Get This Over Me

This bumblebee
obsessed with me
I cannot shake it off

This buzzing hive
where I stay alive
won’t let me get no rest

I’m dripping in honey
I love the chase
and it loves to love me well

I can’t get this over me,
not so fast;
I’m dripping in honey
I love the chase