Day 142 – The World Loves A Beautiful Arsonist

I was born buried deep in the snow
I was born gripped tightly in chains
I learned to build raging fires
but the sting of the iron remains

The world loves a beautiful arsonist
The world loves a singer of flames
It celebrates those who can set it ablaze but
It notices nothing of chains


Day 141 – Nothing to See

Much like the things which cause traffic build-up,
red sirens wailing like a blue light special
warning off and inviting in,

like the yellow brick roads of crime scene tape,
white chalk and shattered glass

like the gold shiny badges posted to move it along

like tragedy, like death

like one existence

there is nothing to see here

Day 68 – Two Camps

They say something is better
than nothing
even if it’s not your best-
to give at all
is to give more than

When I was younger
I would’ve hated that,
I would’ve said
not to bother-
I would’ve stuck my
picket sign in the ground
firmly in the camp
which demands
and kept on pretending
I could ever give it.

But I feel so old
and so grateful now,
for all the halfs and partways
I’ve been given,
all the somethings
that were better
than not.

Day 57 – Kindle

To wait for the spirit to strike
is to wait for the match to kindle
by the time the spirit has struck
it’s already begun to dwindle

When the players hear the bell
they must be ready to play
and so must a poet practice
despite having nothing to say

Day 53 – Goblins and Ghouls

Goblins and ghouls
can only scare fools
a piercing shriek
only freaks the weak
a noose of rope
unnerves a dope
but none of that scares me

a stew of spiders and lizard tail
can easily derail the frail
the executioner’s sudden jolt
can terrify a silly dolt
a grim and gruesome work of art
can spook even the brave of heart
but none of that scares me

for nothing fills me more with dread
than the little voices in my head,
the horrors that torment my soul
so quietly beyond my control,
the constant doubt and agony
the shattering of my sanity

oh nothing out there scares me more
than me