Day 103 – Time to Be

I don’t notice the mountains anymore
though they’re right in front of me-

driving to work straight facing a miracle of nature.

I hear sounds but I don’t care
where they’re coming from,
I have time off but I don’t feel
much relaxed.

There are Christmas flowers, scarlet and white,
all dead in the window, still

and I wonder when it happened
that I stopped having time
to be.


Year 2: Day 28 – Notice

When you ask me how I am
just to get to the good part
where you chronicle the story
of you-
I notice that.

You’d say it’s because
I didn’t give you much,
and I won’t.
I knew what you meant
when you asked,
I knew what you wanted.

And now I’m frozen in time,
trapped in the revelry of
your significance,
the prolonged noticing
of you-
and you hardly even notice.

Will you notice one day
that we’ve talked
so many times
and you know
nothing about me
at all?

And will you blame it
on me that I never
told you anything,
or will you notice
that you
never asked?


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