Day 96 – The Greater Death

I have tasted this bitter cup before,
thrown rocks in its ponds and
kicked up the muck of its waters.
I have drowned before
and I will drown again without fear;
for the greater death was always to lay
clinging to life on the grassy hill
while everyone else
jumped in.


Day 95 – Dignity

This holiday,
give dignity.
Release that grinding desire
for recognition,
give up that tight-held right
to decide what others need.

Nobody wants socks, man.
The poor have suffered

Day 94 – Run-Over Dog

You are suffering, scraping by
like a run-over dog down the freeway
I can’t stand to see you this way
but it’s me who’s done it to you

I said there were bigger butterflies
to go traipsing after, pin in hand
everything I decide to get
dooms another to be forgot

but I swear I won’t leave you to die like this
I’ll be coming back for you, soon as I can
just promise you won’t rot away
if I take too long

Day 93 – Deformity

I’ve always had the feeling
I am destined for deformity
I’m just waiting
for a tragic accident-
you don’t usually see it coming
but I want to be ready
so I can’t say life is unfair
for doing such a thing
without warning.

Day 92 – Little Brother

do you remember you used to
squeeze open lizards’ mouths
and hang them on your earlobes
you cried when you accidentally
killed one and I promised
I wouldn’t tell mom

do you remember when I was
leaving a school is when you were
just getting into it and it was
always easier for you
fitting in and
when we finally were both
in high school you had
many more friends than I

do you remember we used to
talk about our dad
at night after mom was asleep
and try to remember what he looked like
and wonder what this new dad
did better

do you remember all the yelling
before I left, I couldn’t take it
I couldn’t take you with me
you didn’t want to come

do you remember me at all
now that I’ve been gone so long
or am I one more painful thing
to be forgot

Day 90 – Faceless Man

Faceless man
I have no feelings towards you
but a vague recollection
of something gone
I want to get back

Faceless woman
I have no hopes for you
but a vague impression
of something incomplete
I was meaning to do

Roofless house, pathless wood
empty, directionless fog-
I have no words to give
except the sounds of
silence, still.