Day 114 – Fruitfully

I cannot apologize for my childhood,
for I wasn’t always there.
In all these hundreds of days
I’ve never gone back.

The way we learn to be
is not
the way we’d ever choose

and so

I was
a wrecked flower
from the start.

I cannot apologize for the pathways
stealthily formed
in fragile matter
or the horrors I kept in
by spreading out

I only know for sure

the way we try to love
is not
a thing we can control

and so,

fruitfully or not,
I tried.


Day 107 – USB

If you smash
a USB drive
full of photos
do the pixels
get released
back into
the world?

Do the memories
return to those
who forgot

or do they live on
in those
who never did?

Day 106 – What Would It Be Like

A kiss for five minutes,
a book for an hour,
a cat for a week,
a car for a month,
a baby for a year

if we could buy things
with the finite time
we have left

would there be bargains
or coupons or sales
could you make a return

what would it be like
to give up your life
for something you want

what would it be like
to take someone’s life
for something you sell

Day 1 – Untitled

The thing is, I don’t trust a lot of people, but I trust me. I trust that if I feel done with poetry, no amount of forcing it is ever going to help. I trust that I’ll never let myself become so wrapped up in the parade of “being a writer” that I no longer write things I love. I trust that I’ll come back around to poetry sooner or later, when it feels right.

– April 25, 2015

If you are truthful with yourself,
the truth will never change.
How nice it will be to look back
and see that you were right,
that you did know what you meant
after all, and regardless of the road,
your choices were yours;
how soothing to roll back the past
and hear your own voice,
still sounding like you.