Day 105 – Exactly Right

You and I
raising two healthy felines, if snippy,
contributing to the methane surplus,
dance-breaking the pain of consciousness,
waiting out the world to end, inevitably,
pulling white hairs and using a
grocery delivery service
are exactly right.


Day 95 – Dignity

This holiday,
give dignity.
Release that grinding desire
for recognition,
give up that tight-held right
to decide what others need.

Nobody wants socks, man.
The poor have suffered

Year 2: Day 98 – The Right Words

I’m sure I’ll find them someday,
the right words I’ve been searching for
my whole life-
there is something I need to say
and I keep on trying.

There is a thing in my stomach
that lurches up
and grips my heart so tightly;
it forces me to try and try
to speak.

But it doesn’t kill;
it pushes me, gentle and firm,
to search for the voice I need,
the paths that I must travel
to find the words
I’ll have to say.

There is no chore, there is no duty,
there is no disciplined regime;
it’s just what you do¬†when you know
you’re meant to do it.

But it squeezes me and
makes me weak,
compelled to try and
halfway hope
I’ll ever find the right words
in the end.