Day 86 – If It’s A Fire

If it’s a fire
it’s a slow-burning flame-
it has to burn long
to be enough

If it’s a muscle
it’s a well-oiled machine-
it has to endure
to matter

And if you want
to make a difference
the road is going
to be long


Year 2: Day 99 – Some Burdens

Some burdens you carry
for such a long time
that it breaks your heart
when they’re lifted
because you don’t remember how
you found a way to forget,
how you managed to struggle
this far.

And you look back to where it started,
all that winding space
between there and now somehow here,
and you don’t understand why it had to be.
You’ll never understand.

And the air is cleaner
as your spine straightens out
and you don’t know why
it makes a difference
because everything’s been
your new normal.

And you hang that burden
on the mantelpiece
as a badge of honor
so you don’t forget
what a martyr you’ve grown to be,
how you prevailed when you had no choice.

And it makes you sad,
deep in your soul,
that that’s the way it works.

Year 2: Day 51 – The Road To Almost

The road to Almost is paved in silk,
smooth to a slide
straight into a city
where life is so very easy.

I don’t even know
how many lives
I could lead there.

I asked a wise man
how to get to Certain
and he said there was
no such place,
so I asked how to get
to Close Enough
and he said it’s right on
the border of Almost,
but nobody wants
to go there.

I sighed and said
I won’t go Anywhere
but he said I was
already there.

And I smiled and told him
I’d rather be Anywhere
than on the road
to Almost.