Day 102 – Endless Gravity

I’d be gliding past the stars
I’d be racing with the meteors
if it weren’t for all this
endless gravity

I’d have grown up by now
I’d have built a rocket ship
if not for all this
endless gravity

I swear I would’ve left,
all engines firing;
I would’ve flown away
long ago.
I would’ve been a seasoned
space traveler by now
if not for all this
endless gravity.


Year 2: Day 62 – Bottle Rocket

Bottle rocket keeps a record of wrongs
on a little notepad underneath its tongue,
a mouthful of carbon gas
for a rainy day

Bottle rocket catches injustices,
personally tasting each one,
swallowing bits of vitriol
saved in the deep

Bottle rocket knows a sin to come
before it’s happened, before it’s done,
and shoots it straight to heaven
tied to its soul

Bottle rocket dies for all the world,
so full of adopted transgression
it hardly knows why it falls
back down to Earth