Day 135 – Runny Bits

let me tell you a secret:

my head is cracked like an egg on the sidewalk,
with all the runny bits collecting in the seams,
a river for the ants to drink my mental health

it has always been this way

i am mad as a cartoon most days,
spectacularly unmedicated-
the body, whole, seemingly undamaged
protects its secret, protects itself from
having to admit, having to explain,
having to ever ask why, ask for help,
ask for comfort, ask why
ask why i can’t be
as strong
as i

i simply invent other ways to be strong
and i live in that fantasy world until
another death becomes the option again

but what you see, what you love,
what you’ve curiously sniffed
is a series of fights, a collection of fragmented pieces,
a river of wasted struggle,
the runny bits flowing for you,
my ants,
minding your business, unknowing


Day 119 – Honey I Never Knew

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool-
you see,
it isn’t smart to let
somebody else
be in charge
of your livery

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool-
you see,
it isn’t wise to let
your guard be down
around someone
like me

Honey I never knew
you were
this big of a fool
for me-
but now that I know
let’s give it a go-
all kinds of


Day 104 – One of My Teeth Is Fake

one of my teeth is fake
what a secret to hold onto
when the delivery guy smiles
and when the boss is happy with me
or the boss is upset with me
and when my mirror gets lippy

they don’t know
but I know
a gold porcelain crown
is holding me down
and I don’t need
anything else

Day 43 – There Is A Box

There is a box
a wooden box
in a certain hole
of a certain tree
a silly lad
showed it to me
and I put it there
in a poplar tree
it isn’t big
it isn’t wide
and no one knows
what I put inside
but that young man
so hard he cried
so never mind
what I put inside

Year 2: Day 82 – I Surely Am Glad

I surely am glad
every thought that I’ve had
has been secretly hid in my head.

If a thought was a note
every thought ever wrote
would be easily stolen and read.

And just think, even worse,
tied in bags in the hearse,
every thought you had rather not said

would be read at your wake
for remembrance’s sake
to haunt you long after you’re dead!

Day 312 – The Secret To Giving Up

The secret to giving up
is to do it when no one’s watching,
as often as you can,
when no one sees.

Make a quiet habit of quitting,
no parties, no big deal,
because it’s natural that you bow out
when you need to.

(If you stop doing things,
are you shrinking?
If you prune a bonsai
does it wither?)

You will cultivate a life
when you collect your resignations
in a heaping mound and climb it
to the moon.

And you will sit down on the ground
and breathe the air of time allowed
if you continue to persist
in giving up.