Day 85 – Wedding

How silly to think that
getting to the paper first
has anything to do with
how long you will keep it


how silly to think that
a paper
has anything to do with


Day 59 – Flu Shot

one shot, two shot
didn’t get a flu shot
red, white, and blue shot
look who’s screwed shot

punch day, kick day
gotta take a sick day
smothered in Vick’s day
get better quick day

armrest, headrest
gotta get some bed rest
can i get a blood test
can i get a cold press

only good thing about a cough
is takin’ the whole day off

Day 53 – Goblins and Ghouls

Goblins and ghouls
can only scare fools
a piercing shriek
only freaks the weak
a noose of rope
unnerves a dope
but none of that scares me

a stew of spiders and lizard tail
can easily derail the frail
the executioner’s sudden jolt
can terrify a silly dolt
a grim and gruesome work of art
can spook even the brave of heart
but none of that scares me

for nothing fills me more with dread
than the little voices in my head,
the horrors that torment my soul
so quietly beyond my control,
the constant doubt and agony
the shattering of my sanity

oh nothing out there scares me more
than me

Day 43 – There Is A Box

There is a box
a wooden box
in a certain hole
of a certain tree
a silly lad
showed it to me
and I put it there
in a poplar tree
it isn’t big
it isn’t wide
and no one knows
what I put inside
but that young man
so hard he cried
so never mind
what I put inside

I has a podcast! And it’s not about poetry!

Do you like wrestling? It doesn’t matter. You like silly party games! You like listening to people talk about butts! You like that a person who was once a serious poet is now co-hosting a ridiculous podcast about wrestling with her boyfriend and BFF! You like that this world is a crazy place and you appreciate a good WTF moment. Well here it is.


A few years ago I would’ve said wrestling was a dumb fake sport that only preteen boys cared about. But a friend dragged me to a live show and I was immediately hooked. I’ve probably been to at least 50 live shows including NXT, Raw, NJPW, PWG, PCW, and Wrestlemania. I know way more about wrestling than probably any teacher should know and my students LOVE IT.

I’m also like, working on a book of children’s poetry but that’s a ways off. So in the meantime you can hear me and my buds play dumb games like:

  • What food does this wrestler’s hair look like?
  • Which two random wrestlers should totally date?
  • Which wrestlers would you take on a road trip?
  • Which dog breed would this wrestler be?

And more!

Subscribe on iTunes, follow us on Twitter, submit your own silly games or tell us your answers!


Year 2: Day 2 – Silly Rabbits

I saaaw an evergreen evergreen
It juuumped right out in fronta me
‘Cuz twooo numb-headed rabbits were
scurrying, scurrying
right along side-a me

They weeere some kinda wonderful
In snooow, brown as a candy bar
I waaas watchin’ for the fox to come
blessedly, hungrily
from behind an evergreen

If III’d been a better student of
all theee forest has to teach of love
I’d haaave known what ever happened to
a pair of hares and a bear
hid behind an evergreen