Day 88 – She

I saw her eyes
but she could not speak-
a miracle
wasting time

they welled with things
I couldn’t understand,
maybe now,
but not back then

I needed her to sing,
needed her to validate
my guitar,
needed her to be
what I was missing
in a song

but she was silent,
holding back

and I knew soon
she would be gone


New Song: Born To Fade

Songwriting is one of those things I love but never seem to have enough time for. But it’s not something you can really put into your schedule, either. I can’t sit down with the intention to write a song; it just doesn’t work for me that way. But when a song comes to you, you just have to drop whatever you’re doing and give it your full attention or else it’ll fly away as fast as it came. You have to be ready.

This one came to me last night on the drive home from work and pretty much cancelled all my Friday night plans. But I don’t mind. My one regret is that I never learned to play an instrument, which makes songwriting kindof difficult in that regard. And obviously a capella until I can con someone into accompanying… I need to marry a piano man, pronto!



Through the winter
Into spring
I will walk with you
and count the colors
on your face

In the summer
I’ll be there
But when the leaves turn brown
Honey I won’t be around

Oh, I wish I could stay here
forever, baby
But I was born to fade

You’re gonna call for me
on the wind
and shake the branches of
the trees we
used to climb

But I’ll be gone
far away
and though I’ll miss you
more than I
can say

It’s just one more beginning,
nothin’s forever
And I was born to fade

Born to fade
like the setting sun
Fade to grey
When our day is done

Ohhh, I wish I could stay here
with you forever
But I was born to fade

Year 2: Day 129 – Love Song I Wrote For Me

My baby she pretty but
the way she can pack away
them cheese fries,
my baby she got like
six surge protectors
and three beard wigs.
She got allll the Goosebumps books.

My baby she don’t let nobody
push her around-
guys that only got two items
in the checkout line
trying to let her go first,
she say, “No thank you, sir” so sweet.

My baby girl wear extra large t-shirts at the gym
so can’t nobody take a peek,
she knows the lyrics to every ABBA song
and keep a checkbook tidy and neat.

My baby is a rabble-rouser on the Scrabble board,
make her own sushi
and teach the kids how to dance.

My baby is a punk in her dreams
and so modest-
and shoot if that girl doesn’t write
about herself.
I’d write her a love song
but she got to it first.

Day 198 – A Victorious Song

Whatever you do in this world,
you don’t stop singing.

Forget the world you’d drum up for yourself,
in this one you never stop singing-
hymning or bellowing or chorusing or scatting
but you don’t stop.

You can’t-
melodies flow out in tears plinking down,
footsteps ring out down the sidewalk
hearts thump bass lines behind xylophone ribs
while blood rushes throughout in metered time
and life is exhaled through the diaphragm,
lungs, esophagus, lips
so that the act of merely being alive
is a glory, is a song unto itself.

We are born of music and to make it,
we are composed of harmonious thought,
of instrument bones and particular strains
which weave and crescendo through our vibrating minds
and which emanate outward in waves
from which sounds the echoes will continue to move
long after the source has stilled.

You are a musician because you’re alive,
you’re a voice which sings to survive
and the only choice you’ll ever get in the matter
is what song,
always what song.

And whatever it is that you sing will burst
as the orca’s triumphant breaking breath
from one dulcet world unto the next,
will expand to touch all that you’ll ever know
and determine all you ever will

so that a victorious song is your human right
is both your salvation and your reward,
is your reason for being and your call of duty,
that if you must sing you will sing
to whatever end,
to whatever resounding finish you make.

Sharing The Wealth: Stuff I’m Digging This Week

I don’t know if I’ll have the wherewithal to do this on a regular basis, but as often as I can I’d like to share some of the cool stuff I find which brings me amusement and/or inspiration. A good amount of the ideas for my poems stem from whatever I’ve been watching, reading, listening to, etc. and I’m a firm believer in the notion that if you feed your brain with stimulating, thought-provoking stuff, you’re bound to produce the same kind of thing. So from me to you, here’s the stuff I’ve been digging.

Song: Obvious Bicycle – Vampire Weekend

This song is like a soothing balm, tinged with a little encouraging sarcasm, for the young working class. Career stuff can really get you down, and sometimes doing all the right things, taking out loans and getting a degree and perfecting your resume, isn’t enough anymore. You can spend your whole life playing the system, or you can “spare your face the razor, because no one’s gonna spare the time for you.” For those of us forever questioning our career paths, this is a nice little pat on the back and a nudge out the door.

Poem: Fight Night by Jason Bredle

Originally published at Diagram Magazine (which is really freaking cool and I so desperately want to write something of the caliber worthy to be published there) I just kinda stumbled on this poem which hit my funny bone just so exactly. At once denouncing consumerism, crowd mentality, and the general state of the world symbolized by bandanas worn around the neck, it’s complex and simple and really well done and I’m just so stinkin’ jealous.

Movie: Timer

I was pleasantly surprised with this 2009 independent film found on Netflix with an interesting premise: an implant which counts down to the exact day you’ll meet your soul mate. Scientific impossibilities aside, this movie provides a thorough exploration of many of our society’s assumptions about love- whether there really is someone for everyone and whether knowing when love will arrive would change the experience of waiting for it. The movie follows Oona, whose timer is blank because her soul mate hasn’t gotten an implant yet, her sister Steph whose timer says she won’t meet her soul mate until she’s 43, grocery-bag clerk Mikey who doesn’t believe in the need for timers, widower Dan who refuses the timer in order to honor his late wife, and nervous teenager Jesse who at 15 has met his timer-approved soul mate and doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s a fascinating ride as these characters mirror all-too-familiar attitudes about love and come to encouraging conclusions. I won’t spoil it, but I will say that it left me in awe and gratitude of the universal justice to be found in not being able to know.

Quote: “That man’s got a lot of get up and go,” said Anita.
“He fills me full of lie down and die,” said Paul.
– Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano

I’d never read any of Vonnegut’s work, but I was delighted by the satiric humor in Player Piano. The above quote socked me right in the gut, so much so that the four guys sitting with me in the coffee shop had to be included in the joke and also got a good chuckle out of it, even without the context behind it. I would, however, recommend the book to anyone with a similar love of satire, snark, or a dystopian premise. In a world where society has become so advanced that the efficiency of machines have made humans almost completely obsolete, who serves who?

Book: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

Beautifully illustrated and simple in its allegorical advocacy for the wonder of books, this is one of those stories which is short on words but big on powerful truths. As Morris Lessmore’s life is destroyed by natural forces, it is renewed and made fulfilling by the joy of reading. It’s a story for all those who hold in their hearts a special appreciation for the written word and for those who dedicate their lives and care to its cause. It reminds me how immensely proud I am to be a librarian and a lover of books.

It was also made into an Academy Award-winning short film, and yes, I was bawling like a baby by the end of it.

Got any cool stuff to share? Leave a comment below!