Day 102 – Endless Gravity

I’d be gliding past the stars
I’d be racing with the meteors
if it weren’t for all this
endless gravity

I’d have grown up by now
I’d have built a rocket ship
if not for all this
endless gravity

I swear I would’ve left,
all engines firing;
I would’ve flown away
long ago.
I would’ve been a seasoned
space traveler by now
if not for all this
endless gravity.


Day 9 – Private

I am not private,
I am not closed off.

I am ashamed of nothing
and I hold nothing back

if you ask.
But I will not volunteer it.

Everybody volunteers everything.

I don’t like the risk
of where things shouted into space
might end up,

which is most likely nowhere

And I don’t want you to think
there’s nothing left
to ask.

Year 2: Day 95 – White Space

On your map there is a white space where I live-
nothing but the whisper wind and the flecks of rubber
where you erased.

It’s a normal world here that you forgot,
the family’s doing fine,
our white-washed coordinates in full color
hid under the bleach blanket of your mind.

But I have not forgotten you.
You’re in airplanes all the time-
do you look down and wonder
what hurt you so much
just beneath that blank white space?

I have heard about landscapes, covered in snow
which can hide all the ugliness, all the unrest,
which can paint a more picturesque scene,
that they put on the covers of Christmas cards-

but pain uncovers a map
and life deserves more honesty than that.
Fly over my white space and know
that I remember.