Day 102 – Endless Gravity

I’d be gliding past the stars
I’d be racing with the meteors
if it weren’t for all this
endless gravity

I’d have grown up by now
I’d have built a rocket ship
if not for all this
endless gravity

I swear I would’ve left,
all engines firing;
I would’ve flown away
long ago.
I would’ve been a seasoned
space traveler by now
if not for all this
endless gravity.


Day 38 – The Treetops Were Listening

The treetops were listening
that night when you promised
you were finally getting out
of Dodge

The day the small crack
in your heart
split open
and you bellowed-
the stars heard then, too

Every long night
when you argued with yourself
down long empty streets
with the windows rolled down,
the cosmos
and everything in it
turned ear
and took note
of the fire in your soul

You stare at blank pages now,
you think it’s lost-
the passion you had,
the importance you felt-
but through every moment
of struggle and doubt

the universe waits for you