Day 103 – Time to Be

I don’t notice the mountains anymore
though they’re right in front of me-

driving to work straight facing a miracle of nature.

I hear sounds but I don’t care
where they’re coming from,
I have time off but I don’t feel
much relaxed.

There are Christmas flowers, scarlet and white,
all dead in the window, still

and I wonder when it happened
that I stopped having time
to be.


Day 71 – Big Man

You used to be a
big man
at least in your own eyes

but something
happened since
that finally cut you
down to size

and now you are a
small man
trying to climb back to
the top

and no matter
how embarrassing
you’re never
going to stop

Day 52 – There’s Work For Us To Do

There’s work for us to do but we cannot do it
for we let the world dig in its little hooks
so many times we’ve tried and could not get to it
and time and time again we’ve closed our books

Well when will we finally stop the merry-go-round,
this searching for a place to lay the blame?
At any time the final bell could sound-
how do we have such time to play this game?

There is no winner here, only weapons dropped-
eyes to turn upon more pressing things-
the wiser choice to see the fighting stopped
than to carry on this war of bitter kings.

Day 29 – Cheeseburger

Do you ever get halfway through a cheeseburger
in a rush
and stop suddenly to realize
there’s only half of it left?

And that if you don’t slow down
it will be gone soon?

Do you ever think
what a shame it would be
to eat a whole cheeseburger
without stopping to appreciate,
to savor,
what you’re doing?

To get to the end
with nothing left in your hands
and not even remember
the taste?