Day 101 – Take Two

She said take two
when you’re stressed
and let me know
how that works

But I get so down
that I take three
or four or five

One time I took
the whole bottle
and I showed up at her door
in a panic-

“What’ll happen to me now?”

So she gave me gin and tonic
and she told me not to worry-
“It’ll all be over soon anyhow”

She peeled back the label-
they were candy after all!
and I haven’t worried much
ever since.


Day 14 – Stress

How easily we grow up
and forget the stress
of trying to catch the bones
falling out of your jaw
before you swallow them
while your overlords
order you around
and don’t believe
what happened to
your homework.

Year 2: Day 99 – Some Burdens

Some burdens you carry
for such a long time
that it breaks your heart
when they’re lifted
because you don’t remember how
you found a way to forget,
how you managed to struggle
this far.

And you look back to where it started,
all that winding space
between there and now somehow here,
and you don’t understand why it had to be.
You’ll never understand.

And the air is cleaner
as your spine straightens out
and you don’t know why
it makes a difference
because everything’s been
your new normal.

And you hang that burden
on the mantelpiece
as a badge of honor
so you don’t forget
what a martyr you’ve grown to be,
how you prevailed when you had no choice.

And it makes you sad,
deep in your soul,
that that’s the way it works.

Year 2: Day 62 – Bottle Rocket

Bottle rocket keeps a record of wrongs
on a little notepad underneath its tongue,
a mouthful of carbon gas
for a rainy day

Bottle rocket catches injustices,
personally tasting each one,
swallowing bits of vitriol
saved in the deep

Bottle rocket knows a sin to come
before it’s happened, before it’s done,
and shoots it straight to heaven
tied to its soul

Bottle rocket dies for all the world,
so full of adopted transgression
it hardly knows why it falls
back down to Earth