Day 100 – Lifeblood

We were born in a world
that promised us love,
that preached us backyard summers,
that taught us the value of honest work

We were born in a world
that fed us cinema,
that baited us with dreams it spun,
that led us to the brink and let us go

Come to find,
love’s a scheme we can’t afford
Come to find,
our honest work is not enough
Come to find,
we don’t deserve the things
we selfishly assumed
that we had every right
to desire

And so we are a generation spoiled by
ideology that we did not approve;
now we are a congregation ruled by
technology that we did not invent

Yet we’re the ones who have to fix the system,
the honest work for which they trained us up-
and we don’t have
any lifeblood
to spare.


Day 50 – I’m Staying in the Pool Today

I’m staying in the pool today
soaking up the last of the sun
because I know tomorrow means
the end of all my fun

I’m staying in the pool today
even after it gets dark
this may be my last chance to swim
so today I am a shark

I’m getting shriveled in the pool today
but I don’t care at all
they say that summer’s at its end
but I don’t care for fall

It’s getting pretty chilly in the pool today
my bones are frozen throughout
but I don’t care if the weekend’s done-
I’m still not getting out!

The Beginnings Of My First Anthology (!!!)

I have begun serious work on my first poetry anthology, scheduled to be released this summer! Scouring over almost 300 poems is no easy task :/ I know what my favorites are, but condensing them down to an appropriate chunk is proving difficult, not to mention the work of spit-shining them for publication. Blahhh. But I’m looking forward to such a daunting undertaking…

My question to you, loyal readers, is this: what are some of your favorites? Especially those of you who’ve been along for the ride with me for a while, are there any that stick out to you from the rest that you’d like to see included?

As always, feedback is much appreciated 🙂