Day 143 – Ducklings

My ducklings have gone away today I
will not see them again they have
to grow, I have to rest that’s
how it works, that’s how it ends
but I have given
so much
of myself
now I’m not sure
how much is left
except now I know
how much room
there really is now I can
measure the space
they left and
it is bigger than I was
at the start


Day 117 – I’m Taking A Class

I’m taking a class
on writing;
about teaching children
to write well

The professor wants us
to get a little journal
and carry it around
to write little thoughts in

She says I have to be a writer myself
to show a child how to be one
so we’ll practice
and she’ll check it every week
to make sure I’m doing it

I just sit so quietly
during these times

I can’t get angry
like the first four classes-
I know now this is not
really meant for me

but oh the things
I sit so quietly through
because it’s just
what has to be done

Oh the well-meaning requirements
from all the bad apples
that spoiled the bunch

Day 39 – Curtains

I’m sorry
that the sun is in your eyes
at story time

I don’t know how
to put up

I don’t know how
to get my life

I don’t know how
to put up

Actually I measured
then bought the things
I’m reading the instructions, kids
I’ll get there
I will do it

I don’t know how
to put up

But I will

Day 36 – The Hardest Lesson

I was not always a teacher
but I always had the spirit

an amateur desire
to correct

many years it took
to reign it in

to limit it to
the proper channels

but the hardest lesson
for a teacher to learn

is to let someone
be wrong

without correction
without instruction

without the satisfaction
of being proven right

I finally had to learn
that in some things

being wrong
is the only way to learn

I’ve been wrong
about many things

but oh,
I have learned