Day 85 – Wedding

How silly to think that
getting to the paper first
has anything to do with
how long you will keep it


how silly to think that
a paper
has anything to do with


Day 29 – Cheeseburger

Do you ever get halfway through a cheeseburger
in a rush
and stop suddenly to realize
there’s only half of it left?

And that if you don’t slow down
it will be gone soon?

Do you ever think
what a shame it would be
to eat a whole cheeseburger
without stopping to appreciate,
to savor,
what you’re doing?

To get to the end
with nothing left in your hands
and not even remember
the taste?

Year 2: Day 41 – Brains Are Bullies Sometimes

Brains are bullies sometimes-
they want want want
when we’re just trying
to exist ok.

What kind of decisions
can we make
under pressure of death

Don’t ask me, brain-
I’m just a piece of licorice
or a penguin eraser.

don’t try to get
anything concrete
out of me,

just help me play
chess for fun
because at the end of that
nobody actually dies
and nobody wins more
than a piece of licorice
or a penguin eraser

and don’t steal it
out of my lunchbox

Day 359 – That Panic You Get When You Do Something Awesome And Then You’re Like Wait Maybe It’s Actually Terrible

It’s a lot of fun to dream
and push yourself
and think you’re great,
especially if you are.

But don’t get ahead of yourself, chief.

Because if you don’t get
the sloppy, bridge-jumping panics
at least a little every time you try,
then you’re aiming for tree trunks
on purpose.

Don’t be that guy.

And if you’re chuggin’ along fine
when the meltdown hits,
well, don’t let it hit you
too hard.

‘Cause maybe you aren’t
far enough down the road
but at least you got
somewhere to go.

And maybe you’re up there
in the winner’s circle
sweatin’ ’cause you think
you don’t belong-

but don’t worry about them,
don’t sweat people
’cause they all get the panics,