Day 109 – Nonpartisan

You don’t have to pick a side, kid-
everyone’s out to get you.
You don’t have to pledge your life,
your faith or your trust.
Just keep your healthy cynicism,
look for the ones who stand to profit,
eye them all up and down,
friend and foe alike.
Everyone has allegiances,
everyone has closets;
pick and choose but remember-
never pick a side.


Day 104 – One of My Teeth Is Fake

one of my teeth is fake
what a secret to hold onto
when the delivery guy smiles
and when the boss is happy with me
or the boss is upset with me
and when my mirror gets lippy

they don’t know
but I know
a gold porcelain crown
is holding me down
and I don’t need
anything else

Year 2: Day 87 – The Buoys

I seldom am lost at sea
but occasionally
it gets rather dark
and the buoys who love me
appear when needed most.

Like a bear cub sister’s call of distress
that her brothers could hear through miles of trees,
the tears I wipe away leave streaks
that only they can see.

Then they’re library lions on either side
and the antidotes and the life preservers
thrown out from lighthouses, searching me
for hidden signs of need.

They afford me my gifts of silent nods,
of understanding, unrequested,
but all the more treasured by one who cannot
find the words to ask.

Year 2: Day 53 – Seeds

If blooming is what we do,
is it the proof of what we are?
Can there be pure seeds
in a rotten fruit;
can there be foul seeds
in a saint?

And what of hope?

I have looked at a man and saw glimmers in him
that he could not see in himself;
I have looked into a host of sunbeams
and seen darkness they would never perceive.

And who am I,¬†or don’t we all
see the seeds hidden within?
And who am I, or aren’t we all
blessed with sense to detect their kind?

And what of hope?

But for hope, we must never forget,
we would see our judgments pass-
never to see long-dead seeds to sprout,
nor a man to rise and shine.