Day 113 – Another Beast

From the moment my fingers
close around my glasses
I am another beast

They close around steering wheels,
dry-erase markers,
red pens and credit cards,
zippers and shoelaces,
milk cartons,

but when they hold my glasses
like you’d hold a climbing rope
a stress ball, a life preserver;
like you’d hold a newborn,
a lightsaber, a key

I am ready to read
I am ready to see
I am ready to be free


Day 172 – Health, Vision, Dental, Life

Kid, ya done good for yourself-

If you should get an ulcer
or a touch of Carpal Tunnel,
tip-tap tapping your days away,
we got physicians, pills, ointments-
we got you covered for that.

If your eyes should swell from the glare
of your box-office computer screen
there’s lenses, prescriptions, lasers-
we got you covered for that.

If you should chip a molar or two
on stale bagelsĀ from the conference room,
there’s molding, crowns, veneers-
we got you covered for that.

And upon your murder or accidental death
or slow withering away at your desk
there’s $15k on your life-
we got you covered for that.

So long as you stick with us,
so long as you hang around,
you’re doin’ good for yourself, kid,
and we got you covered for that.